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yellow map with a blue overlay reading WELCOME TO LOCALCARE! with information about the website. button in the corner reading SUBMIT YOUR OWN TIP! a legend for the heart logos that are on the map. yellow map with a blue overlay reading WHAT'S ALL THIS ABOUT ENERGY LEVELS? with information about how the self-care tips are differentiated by the energy required to act on them. yellow map with blue hearts (icons to click on) yellow map with blue hearts. a white pop-up box is coming up from one heart, reading FARMER'S MARKET with information about the recommended activity to do there, and the energy required to do it.


In an advanced interactive design course taken Winter 2018, students made websites addressing the prompt "design for diversity." Creative interpretations of "diversty" were invited. Some other interpretations from the class touched on topics like diversity of age, designers of color, and global food. I focused on neurodiversity, and the diversity of needs of mentally ill and neurodiverse individuals, as well as the diversity of self-care practices that people in Davis employ.

What is it?

I collected Davis-specific self-care suggestions and strategies, and separated them into three energy levels: low, medium, and high. Often, literature about self-care doesn’t take into account that many individuals in desperate need of self-caring practices don’t have the energy to perform many potentially healing actions. Depression and many anxiety disorders are often accompanied by fatigue, which can make self-care exhausting. For this project, I worked with MapBox, and conducted a number of user tests to determine the best color scheme and layout for the website. Click here to visit LocalCare.