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edinburgh witch memorial animation

Witch animation


This animation was made for the final project of a figure drawing class taken while I was abroad in Edinburgh in 2016. We were asked to create a piece inspired by one of the following prompts: body, portrait, group, or narrative. I incorporated several into my piece.

What is it?

In this 55' by 35' piece, I sought to engage with the city in which I was studying. Any city as old as Edinburgh has witnessed many tragedies, and one I had heard about a number of times during my visit was the persecution of women accused of being witches. In an attempt to pay my respects to the many women senselessly killed and punished so many years ago in the city I was temporarily calling home, I decided to imagine an alternate universe in which those women had survived - and in which magic was real. I illustrated an area of Edinburgh near the memorial “Witches’ Well,” and populated the area with imagined women. I wanted to create an inclusive, welcoming world, so I attempted to include a wide variety of representations of women, including those of different ages and ethnicities, as well as differently-abled women, and those with bodies not typically featured in mainstream representations of womanhood. Between the four frames, I subtly changed some elements of the illustration to communicate a kind of casual, everyday magic that might exist as part of the day-to-day of this world.