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escort yourself out

escort yourself gif 1, showing the title and main characters the first text-based section of the game. a figure sits on the left side of the screen, while a UI element takes up the right side. a mouse hovers over objects on the left side, and pop-ups come up. two figures walking through a coffee shop. as they pass by colorful objects, speech bubbles pop up with reassuring phrases. two figures stand in a bedroom. two twitching thought bubbles with intrusive thoughts float on either side of them. a figure sits at a desk on the left side of the screen. a UI element takes up the right side. it reads I DON'T THINK THIS GAME IS GOING HOW I WANT. PRESS A TO CONTINUE.


From January to June of 2018, I worked on an honors thesis project through UC Davis’ design department. The goal of the project was to create a number of autobiographical games about my experiences being mentally ill, to explore media representation and how such work might be therapeutic to the creator, in a manner akin to art therapy and journaling, and to the player.

What is it?

Escort Yourself Out is an escort-mission-style game in which you (playing as me) escort your (my) younger self through triggering situations. The game also features a handful of reflctive text-based scenes, in which I discuss my reasons for making the game, and my frustrations with the development process. All illustrations for the game were made using Illustrator, and the game itself was made with Unity3D. You can download it for free here.