violet elder

digitally illustrated self portrait, by and of violet elder

♡ Hi! I'm a fifth year design student at UC Davis. I want to make things that help people, including myself. I like to explore different mediums. The definition of design that I subscribe to is art to solve a problem. My work is often very personal and frequently autobiographical. Some causes I care about include (but are not limited to) body positivity, the cultural understanding and destigmatization of mental illness, accessible and flexible treatment and self-care options for people who need them, and the creative reuse of discarded materials.

I like dumb jokes that don’t hurt anybody. I never clean my computer desktop or close my tabs. I cut my own hair and do kind of an okay job at it. I like folk punk and bedroom pop.

I'm also a radio DJ and the 2017-2018 Design Director of KDVS, UC Davis' community-run, freeform college radio station.

I'm working on a project through Davis' design department right now. I'm making a couple of autobiographical games about being mentally ill. If you want to read more or try out some of the games, you can check out my or my blog! ♡